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Sample Projects

There are several sample projects in the Wolverine codebase showing off bits and pieces of Wolverine functionality:

QuickstartThe sample application in the quick start tutorial
CQRSWithMartenShows off the event sourcing integration between Marten and Wolverine
CommandBusWolverine as an in memory "command bus" for asynchronous processing
InMemoryMediatorWolverine with EF Core and Sql Server as a mediator inside an ASP.Net Core service
OptimizedArtifactWorkflowSampleUsing Wolverine's optimized workflow for pre-generating handler types
OrderSagaSampleStateful sagas with Marten
WebApiWithMartenUsing Marten with Wolverine for ASP.Net Core web services
ItemServiceEF Core, Sql Server, and Wolverine.Http to integrate the Wolverine inbox/outbox
AppWithMiddlewareBuilding middleware for Wolverine handlers
PingPongA classic "ping/pong" sample of sending messages between two Wolverine processes using the TCP transport
PingPongWithRabbitMqAnother "ping/pong" sample, but this time using Rabbit MQ
TodoWebServiceUsing Marten, Wolverine, and Wolverine.Http to build a simple ASP.Net Core service
MultiTenantedTodoWebServiceSame as above, but this time with separate databases for each tenant

Released under the MIT License.